Naturcamps Hunsrück

Naturcamps Hunsrück
  • Straße, Nr.: Unter den Fichten 1
  • PLZ, Ort: D-55566 Meddersheim, Hunsrück
  • Land: Deutschland
  • Phone: +49 6751 85 31 34 oder +49 151 21 77 74 06
  • Fax: +49 6751 85 31 35
  • Web:

Back to the roots! Enjoy your own wilderness in the Naturcamps Hunsrück

Experience nature and yourself - under this motto, Beate Thome and her team have been offering wildlife experiences in the Naturcamps Hunsrück since 2011.

Here, children as well as adults learn a lot about nature and how to live in, with and from her well. Simplicity, makeshiftness and improvisation create the creative ambience. In our fast-moving and irritated period, it becomes increasingly important for stress prevention and deceleration to meet the demands of our service society in the long term. In nature there is a different speed, there is no hustle and bustle. If you are driving home after a wilderness weekend, you feel grounded and feel the ground under your feet again.

We are all a part of nature but unfortunately we are increasingly losing contact with her, we hide in our houses and take the cycles in nature and the seasons less and less true. Just as in spring nature begins to sprout and the forces are awakened again, the summer is lively and lively, so the nature retreats in autumn to rest completely in winter. Just to be able to start again in spring.

As humans, we are subject to exactly the same laws and circuits, but our technological world has often lost our connection with the natural processes. As a result, we are at risk of getting out of balance, as are the cases of mental illness and burnout.

With your holistic offers, Beate Thome would like to offer especially the space for stress prevention and deceleration in nature. Because only when body, mind and soul are in balance, do we feel balanced and meet the requirements of life.

In the power of the forest, you can relax, rest, ground up, gain new strength, exchange with other people and have a lot of fun. On this topic, a two-day workshop will be held at the Hunsrück Hochwald National Park. In the workshop "Nature as a mirror of the soul", the aim is to regain inner balance. On the walkabout - the journey to your nature, you are on the way to the "Soonwaldsteig" on your journey to yourself for two days.

A very different offer is our Schinderhannes Survivaltrail, which will take place this year for the first time as a new offer! 5 days on the way in the Soonwald, arrive at a different place every evening, build accommodations, pick up an old material, feed on what nature gives us, together in the group tasks. This will be exciting!

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