1. The site is just a marketplace

1.1 This site is a marketplace that allows owners of accommodation to provide one or more properties with different price formats, potential vacationers (and all the persons listed in the booking) (each a "vacationer" and together with an owner the " User ") in advertisements. We offer the services that allow the owners and holidaymakers to communicate with each other and to enter into leases or other transactions.
1.2 The website provides a marketplace for users to interact with each other. Travelina is not and will not party a contractual relationship to the holidaymaker and the owner and does not conciliate between the holidaymaker and the owner in a dispute arising between this.

1.3 Responsibility for applicable laws, regulations and regulations: The owners and holidaymakers agree that they apply to all laws, regulations and ordinances applicable to their use of the website as well as their use of any tools, services or products offered on the website and for all Transactions which they enter into or which are either on the Website or in connection with their use of the Website, are themselves responsible and agree to comply with these laws, regulations and regulations as well as transactions. The owners also agree that they are responsible for compliance with all laws, regulations and regulations that apply to the lodging of their accommodation and conduct their business, and agree to comply with these laws and regulations; Including, but not limited to, all laws, regulations, regulations or other requirements relating to tax, credit, data security, data and data protection, approvals, planning or licensing requirements, local authority requirements, compliance with health and safety regulations and compliance with all applicable anti- Laws, leasing or other land restrictions. Please note that although we are not party to the respective rental contract (or the accompanying business transactions, for example, ancillary services) and do not assume liability for compliance with laws or regulations regarding the rental of accommodation advertised on the website, Circumstances under which we are, nevertheless, legally required to provide information on an advertisement in order to comply with governmental bodies in connection with investigations, litigation or administrative procedures; And we may, at our sole discretion, fulfill or omit such obligation. Owners who accept credit card, bank account, or other payment data from holidaymakers agree to properly manage all such data in accordance with applicable legal regulations, applicable rules and / or policies of the payment card associations or network operators, and the best practices and / or data security policies of Travelina And also agree to collect and use such payment data solely in connection with a reservation authorized by a traveler and otherwise for no other purpose.

2. Accommodation offers

2.1 According to these terms of business, the owners may agree with owners of Travelina to place an advertisement for a specific accommodation by means of an annual subscription ("subscription ad") (together "an advertisement") on the website.

2.2 By using the paid services of our website and sending the owner's e-mail address, the owner agrees to receive communications for

Travelina about products, services and vacation days too. The owner may unsubscribe from the newsletter or any other news sent by Travelina for promotional purposes at any time by clicking on the subscription link in our e-mails.

2.3 Conditions for the creation of advertisements by owner

2.3.1 In order to create an advertisement, an owner must comply with all the described procedures (and all other requirements that Travelina has notified to the owner).

2.3.2 Payment in advance - payments to Travelina can be made by bank transfer. All bank and other charges related to a payment are to be borne by the owner.

2.3.3 Please note that owners who fulfill certain conditions as an agency can apply for a separate agency advertising contract at Travelina.

2.3.4 Travelina reserves the right to refuse to place advertisements which, at the discretion of Travelina, violate the terms of these terms and conditions against owners or be linked to the breach of provisions of these terms and conditions against owners put.

2.3.5 The owner is obligated to provide only accurate and up-to-date information in each advertisement, and may not impose any conditions which differ from the conditions stated in the advertisement. A failure to fulfill the obligations set out in these terms and conditions against owners may result in the permanent exclusion of the owner from the website.

3. Provisions for subscription ads

3.1 In order to purchase a subscription listing, the owner has to place an order via the online order form on the website and pay Travelina the fees for the corresponding advertisement ("fees for subscription ads"). The price of a subscription is listed in the valid price list on the website. By submitting an order form, the owner ensures that all information provided by Travelina is correct.

3.2 Subscription advertisements sold by Travelina will be used during the entire period chosen by the owner on the relevant order form ("Initial subscription time"). This term begins on the date on which the owner makes the full payment of subscription fees ("purchase date") and ends on the last day of the duration chosen by the owner ("duration of the subscription advertisement"), As set out below. When e.g. The date of purchase for an annual advertising period of 1 July, the advertisement would expire on 30 June of the following year (unless extended as set out below).

3.3 Subscriptions are renewed automatically and over and over again for the same duration of 12 months as the initial subscription period. The online circuit can be terminated 30 days before the due date in writing, or by e-mail. If no dissolution is carried out, the circuit on the is extended by a further 12 months.
We will automatically reimburse the payment for an extension of your listing via the payment method you choose. By commissioning, the owner authorizes Travelina to collect the amount owed under the contract

3.4 The fees for subscription advertisements are not recoverable if the owner wishes to terminate the contract or to remove an advertisement prior to expiration of the corresponding subscription period.

4. Use of the service

4.1 After the registration, an owner receives an e-mail with the login data.
The owner logs in with his login data and then comes to his site, where he can edit, update and update his listing.

4.2 Guests and owners can post reviews on our website.
The reviews are first checked by Travelina and then published.
Reviews that do not comply with our guidelines are removed by Travelina.

4.3 Messages sent via the Travelina system should only refer to genuine inquiries. We do not tolerate any spam or unwanted commercial electronic communications of any kind. It is prohibited to misuse Travelina's systems, such as. By sending unsolicited commercial communications (spam) or by notifying users of third-party personal information unless you have the express permission of the user. E-mails and site recommendations transmitted via the "recommend this website" function should only be sent with the consent of the recipient. You agree that you will protect the personal data of other users in accordance with applicable law and applicable regulations and in any case exercise reasonable diligence; Furthermore, you are fully liable for any misuse, loss or unauthorized transmission of such information.

4.4 Travelina is not responsible for the communication between the owner and the tourist and is not involved in it.

5. Details and services of advertisements

5.1 An advertisement (1) accommodation will be displayed.

5.2 Up to twenty-four (24) photographs of an accommodation can be displayed in one ad. A shortened version of the advertisement is displayed on the website as an abbreviated search result (so-called snippet) with a small thumbnail of the accommodation; The snippet is linked to the full-page ad.

5.3 The owner is obliged to check the location of his accommodation in the dashboard. This obligation includes the obligation to promote a true advertisement on Google Maps. The owner accepts that Google Maps is provided in accordance with the terms of Google and that Travelina is not liable for the functionality or accuracy of Google Maps or otherwise for Google Maps. The owner acknowledges and acknowledges that the Google Maps service is not free of errors and the owner will ensure that the correct location of the accommodation is displayed by Google Maps when using this service.

5.4 Travelina also uses Google Analytics (and other analytical platforms) to gather statistical data about the use of the website. Google can store data to Google in its

Various services including Google Analytics, Google Translate, Google Maps and other services, including YouTube. The owner accepts that Travelina does not control the collection of Google data.

6. Display in search results

6.1 Travelina can not guarantee that a specific advertisement will appear in a specific order in the search results on a website. The order of search varies, based on a variety of factors determined at the discretion of Travelina, e.g. Search parameters, chosen ad level, preferences of holidaymakers.

6.2 If you have purchased a subscription ad, the search results can also be obtained from Travelina itself, depending on the search criteria.
If you want to be on the front side there is a surcharge of Euro 300, -.
If you would like to see the respective categories on the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd page, there is a surcharge of Euro 50, -.

6.3 Travelina reserves the right to use different search algorithms or to develop methods for optimizing the "best results" search in order to optimize the search experience for the traveler and the entire marketplace.
For advertisements, which are disseminated through websites of third parties, there is no guarantee that these will be displayed in a certain order, as on the website of the third party or at all. Search results and layouts can be displayed differently on Travelina's mobile app than on the website. In order to optimize the search result for owners and holidaymakers and to optimize the process of the "best result", Travelina reserves the right to carry out occasional tests with a limited duration, which can alter the display of advertisement and search results.

7. Agencies

7.1 Travelina can offer special conditions to owners who advertise ads with more than ten accommodation (known as "agencies"). These conditions can be requested by contacting us via our contact form.

8. Additional paid services

8.1 Travelina will provide additional services which may be used by the owner ("additional paid services") and may add or remove them from time to time. The additional paid services currently include:

8.1.1 free advice and, if necessary, assistance in placing advertisements

8.1.2 the offer of our category "Hot Deal".

9. Termination

9.1 If Travelina ascertains or is asserted that:

9.1.1 Advertisements or other content linked to an owner may contain material which is contrary to the law, applicable rules or the rights of a natural or legal person; An owner has placed unsuitable material on the website or has misused it; An advertisement or renting practices of an owner are unacceptable or unfair (e.g., without limitation, if an owner is an accommodation

Several times to different holidaymakers on the same day, or in cases where the owner has established the online booking, he does not accept bookings even though he has capacity or canceled bookings that he has previously accepted or practices applied in the short term The owner of the property is to be deemed to be unfair or unreasonable), the owner of the property is in breach of these proprietary terms of business (which, for the sake of clarity, include any breach of "rights and obligations of the owner" A company affiliated with Travelina or a holidaymaker; An owner has become or has become insulting to a travel agent or employee or representative of Travelina; An owner uses a false identity; He or she otherwise abuses Travelina's systems or communication platforms, or an event which corresponds to the above and which has occurred in connection with a Travelina affiliate; Travelina is then entitled, at its own discretion, to remove all advertisements or all advertisements associated with the owner (including, in order to avoid any doubts, all additional services connected to the advertisements) immediately and without reimbursement of advertising fees or other fees or fees To pay or cancel the owner's fees.

9.2 In addition to the right to delete an advertisement, Travelina reserves the right to react in the event of a breach of the terms of business or in the event of misuse of the website, including, but not limited to, a usage restriction for the owner The search results or the impact in any other way on the search results, an indication that the owner is "unavailable", or the removal and modification of incorrect and misleading information.

9.3 Please note that Travelina is not obliged to investigate complaints.

10. Rights and obligations of Travelina

10.1 Travelina may change, suspend or discontinue any aspect of the Site at any time without prior notice or liability, including the layout and availability of features, the database, or the content of the Site.

10.2 Travelina will endeavor to accurately reproduce any photos provided by the owner on the website.

10.3 Travelina may occasionally upgrade the website to reflect technological developments. Maintenance work, which can lead to restrictions on the website, is sometimes necessary. If possible, Travelina will strive to ensure that maintenance of the site that causes such restrictions is performed at times when the use of the least is adversely affected by most holidaymakers.

10.4 Travelina may carry out identity checks and require proof to prove the existence of an accommodation and / or owner and ownership of the accommodation. If Travelina believes, among other things on the basis of information made available by holidaymakers, that the owner has provided false information, the owner confirms that Travelina is entitled to carry out identity checks with respect to the owner or to require the owner to prove the existence of his / her own Accommodation. If the owner is requested to do so, he / she agrees to furnish such evidence of the identity or the existence of accommodation at the request of Travelina without delay (and in any case within a period set by Travelina)

To provide Each owner acknowledges that a non-disclosure of this request constitutes a breach of these Terms and Conditions for Owners.

10.5 Travelina complies with its Privacy Policy. The owner authorizes Travelina to pass on the contact details of the owner, including the telephone number, in connection with the booking of accommodation. Travelina can, if necessary (eg to prevent a fraudulent behavior of third parties) to give a vacationer the contact details of an owner. The owner confirms that he has read the Privacy Policy and the Cookies, and agrees to the processing of data as set forth in these policies.

11. Intellectual property

11.1 Travelina is the sole owner of the website. All content appearing on the website is protected by copyright and database rights. The full or partial reproduction of the website, including the copying of text, graphics or designs, is prohibited.

11.2 If an owner submits or transmits content of any kind, including text or images, to the website or platform or systems of Travelina, the owner assures that he has the right to do so and that he has received all necessary approvals or approvals from the owner of the site Corresponding elements ("property release").

11.3 Insofar as evaluations or other content of the owner may contain trademarks or other proprietary names or trademarks, the owner ensures that he has obtained the required legal permission and the rights of Travelina to use such content on the website.

11.4 Insofar as advertisements of proprietors and other transferred material may contain trademarks, the owner guarantees that he has the right, including the right to under-licensing, to use them.

12. Rights and obligations of the owner

12.1 The owner must provide accurate and correct information about his / her identity, payment data, accommodation offered in advertisements and other communications via Travelina's systems.

12.2 The owner, as long as an accommodation is listed on the website, permanently guarantees that he has all the necessary rights and the authority and / or has the right to offer the accommodation listed by the owner.

12.3 The owner warrants to ensure that the information in the advertisement is correct and up-to-date during the entire period in which the advertisement remains on the website, and if a translation is offered, ensure that this is done carefully and correctly. The owner may not provide misleading information about the origin of any information or details that may obscure the actual source of information.

12.4 Owners are responsible for ensuring that their advertisements do not violate the law or rights of a natural or legal person. Advertisements may not contain false information, personal insults, defamatory, insulting o

Defamatory statements or elements that violate the copyright or data protection law.

12.5 Photographs contained in an advertisement should reflect the accommodation correctly, may not be falsified or misleading and may not infringe any personality rights, intellectual property rights or other rights of third parties.

12.6 If an advertisement violates these terms and conditions for owners, Travelina reserves the right to terminate the relevant advertisement or all advertisements related to the owner.

12.7 We would like to point out that we cannot verify the identity of the users. The owner is encouraged to review by appropriate means and to ensure that the claimed identity of the user is true. You are obliged to ensure that your password is not passed on to third parties, in particular to unauthorized persons.

12.8 The owner is responsible for all charges relating to the accommodation and the advertisement; He shall be accountable to the relevant authorities for all taxes (including VAT, if any) applicable to the payments received.

13. Prohibitions

13.1 The owner may neither directly nor indirectly:

13.1.1 exploit, copy, distribute, reproduce, edit, publicly access, or decompile the Site, its content, and the databases contained on the Site, in any form, whether through use of automatic devices or manual procedures;

13.1.2 use the Website, the platform or systems of Travelina or information provided by a Tourist for purposes other than those permitted by these Terms and Conditions for Owners;

13.1.3 reproduce a portion of the Site or any other Site or otherwise using a Device, in particular through the use of a frame or window environment for the Site or other framing procedures for extracting a part or aspect of the Site, or part thereof Reflect or replicate the site;

13.1.4 Content or programs which, due to their size or nature, could damage Travelina's computers or networks, upload to or send to the Site;

13.1.5 Content on the Website or the platform or systems of Travelina that violates applicable criminal laws, intellectual property rights or other laws or encourages their violation;

13.1.6 use or access the Travelina website or platform or systems in a manner which could endanger a computer system or network, including through the placing on the market of a virus (for this purpose "Virus" means any program intentionally created in A system is introduced and performs a useless and / or damaging function such as displaying irritating messages or systematically overwriting information on a user's hard disk);

13.1.7 to post or transmit any information that is in any way false, fraudulent or misleading, or is involved in an action that can be considered "phishing" (whether primary, secondary or otherwise) or the causes of a criminal offense Or civil liability;

13.1.8 unauthorized, threatening, abusive, offensive, defamatory, obscene, vulgar, indecent, seditious, sexually explicit, pornographic or blasphemous material;

13.1.9 in any way connected to Travelina, which could lead to someone believing the owner, an accommodation, an advertisement or the site sponsored by Travelina would be associated with or would be supported by them;

13.1.10 replace an accommodation in an advertisement with another accommodation without the prior consent of Travelina.

14. Publication of the advertisement on third pages

14.1 In order to offer owners a greater reach for their offers, Travelina is entitled to publish the advertisement or parts thereof, in particular pictures or photographs and texts, on the pages of third parties (including web catalogs, search engines, information portals and editorial pages) And / or publish.

15. Liability of the owner

15.1 We do not offer liability insurance for owners, agencies or holidaymakers. Users are solely responsible for obtaining an insurance cover that is sufficient to protect their accommodation and their guests or their journey. The owners agree that prior to the arrival of their first vacationer, they have adequate insurance coverage sufficient to cover the rental of accommodation advertised by them on the site and a sufficient insurance cover until the date of departure of a holidaymaker using our website Has been maintained.

15.2 The owner shall be solely responsible for any financial consequences arising out of losses for Travelina due to content or a program transmitted or transmitted by the owner and resulting in damage to the hardware or software of Travelina, including damage to the website, The system or data or by causing the website to fail, the system or errors therein. The above financial implications include reasonable attorney fees.

16. Indemnification

16.1 The owner agrees to indemnify and hold Travelina and its affiliates, their respective officers, directors, employees and agents for any claims, claims, claims, refunds, losses, damages, fines or other costs or expenses of any kind, including, without limitation, Fees or charges incurred by third parties resulting from the content or material provided by the owner to the website, use of the website by the owner, breach of these terms and conditions for owners on the part of the owner or the stay of the holidaymaker in the accommodation The use of any related services and facilities provided by the Owner or arising therefrom

17. Contact us

17.1 Messages must be sent to Travelina via the contact form or via e-mail to

17.2 Notices of copyright infringement must include the following:
  Your address, telephone number and e-mail address;
  Detailed information on the content concerned (display of the image or text), including a link to the website and
  A formal statement that shows you
     - the holder of the exclusive right to use the work;
     - have not authorized the use of the material in this form.

18. Limited Liability of Travelina

18.1 Claims for damages are excluded. This applies regardless of the legal basis and also for such claims. The exclusion applies to all types of damage, ie material or non-material damage, loss of profit, consequential damage and indirect damage.